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RLDA, 8 Berjevoy spoosk, Taganrog 347900, Russia, Ph.: (8634) 47-70-40, 47-70-44, mobile +7 928-289-2486, E-mail:††




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Researh Laboratory of Design Automation, Ltd. (RLDA) has entered the market in 2003. It was developed and mass-produced more than 50 different products for industrial control market, including analog and discrete input-output module, interface converters, data conditioning circuits and sensors, programmable logic controllers.

The products of RLDA are sold using trade mark "RealLab!". The brand named product has twice won the competition "The 100 best Goods in Russia".

Our team are scientists, engineers (programmers and circuit designers) with a deep understanding of the concept of the developed products. To date, the size of the RLDA team is 60 people. Key team members are specialists who have received extensive experience during development of the software and hardware distributed control system. The staff of the company has published over 200 scientific papers on the theory of electrical circuits and process automation, including international scientific publications, 30 inventions, and two books. The project company three times won the best paper award from the Russian magazine "Modern automation technology."

RLDA has their own production plant that take place 3200 sq. meters and use technological equipment for SMD mounting, including robots for automatic device mounting, furnace for group soldering, wave soldering equipment, injection-molding machine for instrument case production, computer-based equipment for product quality control. The plant has the warehouses, there are the stable purchasing and selling processes, we has been found the stable suppliers of electronic components, trained the companies personal, installed the electronic system for passing the results of R&D to production division. This production plant has manufactured more than 100 thousand pcs of products up to now. The RLDA rate of sales growth in the last two years reach 30-50% per year. Since 2010 RLDA is one of sponsors of the International conference on intelligence system AIS.

RLDA has the certificate of compliance with the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2008, certificates of conformity of the manufactured product to standards, the licenses for the work performed and the necessary evidence. In 2011 RLDA has been obtained the status of  the "Skolkovo participants" ("Russian Silicon Valley") - є0000298. RLDA supports websites and (


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RLDA, 8 Berjevoy spoosk, Taganrog 347900, Russia
(8634) 47-70-40, 47-70-44, mobile +7 928-289-2486, E-mail: